Our Story.

The founder of Butterd Up struggled with asthma, eczema, and environmental allergies her whole life. After trying numerous prescription and over-the-counter products, she was annoyed with the lack of relief she experienced. The exhaustion led her to conduct research, and discover organic and natural remedies and ingredients for her skin instead of relying on chemical-based products. After perfecting her recipes, she finally felt relief and knew she had to share it with others, bringing you Butterd Up.

Tired of the lack of options that exist for individuals suffering from sensitive skin, Butterd Up provides customers with a natural and pure alternative to skin care remedies. Butterd Up prides itself on providing customers with a natural remedy, treating the cause of the problem, not masking the symptoms.

The Highest Quality.

Sterilization and quality control are of the highest importance at Butterd Up. Based in the Okanagan and now having expanded to Vancouver BC, Butterd Up manufactures its products in a nut free environment, using controlled facilities that exclusively produce nothing but our products. This allows us to ensure that no cross contamination occurs between other products.


I’ve been using the green tea night moisturizer & it’s really nice. It gives my skin a slightly different smooth feeling from my regular previous night cream and I like it. It’s amazing that it’s all natural! I looked at my old night cream box & all the ingredients I didn’t know compared to your moisturizer. Wow. 

Joy T

Coquitlam, British Columbia

When I started using Butterd Up’s Eczema Balm, I was experiencing fast results to flairs of eczema that not only repaired but nourished my rough hands. Thank you Butterd Up for providing quality products with outstanding customer service!

Natasha V

Kelowna, British Columbia

I'm a type 2 diabetic and tend to have really dry heals and I've been using the Peppermint Butter lotion for the past 2 weeks and the results have been amazing.   I've shared this information with my mom whose heals are in worse condition than mine and got her to try the lotion and she could not believe the change in her heals after using it for just a week.

I've also used the green tea moisturizer to moisturize my body and again the results are amazing.   My skin feels so soft and after applying this lotion it seems to have a glow. The best part of this is that the products are all made with natural ingredients NO chemicals!!!   I'm very pleased with these lotions that I've been using.

Caroline H

Vancouver, British Columbia

I love how the natural ingredients of the eczema-balm lathers on my skin. I've used it for one week, and have already seen significant improvements on the patches of eczema on my skin - and I've tried everything! I'd highly recommend this natural product to anyone suffering from eczema like myself. I no longer suffer the adverse effects of using hydrocortizone steroid creams, my skin is almost back to normal and I thank the eczema-balm for this! FINALLY, something natural that actually works!!!!!!!!

Chereen B

Vancouver, British Columbia

I have a ton of stretch marks under my arms and love handles from dramatic weight gain. I've used other products in the past such as bio-oil and prescribed creams. The reason I chose Butterd Up is because the butters are made with all natural ingredients that my skin absolutely loves. I've been using the eczema balm for the past week, and I have seen improvement in my stretch marks already! I use the eczema balm twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. I use the Peppermint and Green Tea butters to moisturize the rest of my body and there is no other lotion out there that will make you glow like they do! I would definitely recommend Butterd Up products because nothing is better than 100% natural products that make you look like an island princess.

Kaayla H

Vancouver, British Columbia

I have psoriasis on my knuckles on both my hands. Since using the eczema balm twice a day for two months now, I have accumulated less psoriasis plaque. I have also noticed that my psoriasis spots are less dry, and some spots have even disappeared. After successfully noticing the difference it has made on my hands, I have decided to use it on my psoriasis on the back of my head along my hairline. The site used to be extremely red and flaky, and after a week using the balm it looks noticeably better with little redness and less itchy. The flakiness has dissipated and the area is not as inflamed. I highly recommend this product for the skin issues that it has been cited for.

Karen K

Vancouver, British Columbia

Your Stories.

From stubborn eczema to dry skin, your stories of rejuvenation truly inspire the Butterd Up team to continue creating new products. You are the reason Butterd Up strives for natural and quality ingredients to produce the very best products and provide genuine customer care.


Nourishing products when you need them the most.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why are some butter's so hard?

Shea butter and Cocoa butter are naturally harder, with a coarser and more grainy texture in their raw and unrefined forms. Products with these ingredients may be harder to the touch, however once the butters come into contact with your skin, they melt and become easier to manipulate. The products include as much of the raw and unrefined ingredients as possible, activating healing properties needed to nourish your skin.

What is the best way to store your butter for better shelf life?

With their natural, fresh, and pure ingredients, all butters have a shelf life of one year from the time of purchase. As the products use natural and essential oils, it’s recommended to keep products at room temperature, away from heat or direct sunlight in order to prevent the butters from separating. To extend the shelf life of the butter, you can refrigerate the products, taking them out 30 minutes prior to use, allowing the healing properties to activate at room temperature.

Shipping Costs

Butterd Up offers shipping worldwide. Products shipped within Canada are delivered through Canada Post for a flat rate of $9.99 UPS is used for international shipping for a flat rate of $29.99.

Returns / Refunds

For hygienic reasons, returns and refunds are only accepted if there is a defect in product (Shipping costs will not be included). Please contact us within the first 30 days of receiving your purchase if this is the case. We will take care of you!